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Where behavioral training
meets virtual reality

Playful, short and effective,
training becomes a pleasure

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Virtual reality: how does it work?

Over 70% of information in traditional training is forgotten in under 3 months, 5Discovery proposes an innovative programme of training courses around the development of “soft skills” and “hard skills” in a virtual reality environment.

Learners are immersed in scenes of professional life involving hyper-realistic, avatar-type characters. A scenario leads learners through various levels of interactive learning in virtual reality that enable them to experience real emotions.

These emotions act as an anchor to help them memorize knowledge and enable them to retain information more easily.

In this way, learning becomes playful, pragmatic and functional.
Training becomes 100% effective.

Our training modules in virtual reality

5Discovery's training modules are available in 3 modes:

Blended learning mode

Blended learning combines training given by a trainer in person with a virtual reality immersive experience. Course length: 1 or 2 days.

Self training

We provide your organization with one or more 5Discovery training modules using virtual reality for as long as you wish.

Event-based mode

Over a period of 1 or more days, we supply the module(s) for training using virtual reality along with trainers or coaches who are experts in immersion in virtual reality. This training mode is ideal for conferences, seminars or even team building. This training mode is ideal for conferences, seminars and even team building.

Our training modules:

Formation réalité virtuelle

Conflict management

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Formation prise de parole en public : Photo d'une conférence

Public speaking

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Formation négociation : Discussion entre deux personnes

Negotiating effectively

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Formation préparation entretiens : Personne passant un entretien d'embauche

Preparing for interviews

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Formation gestion du stress : Main serrant une balle anti-stress

Stress management

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Formation communication : discussion entre deux personnes

Communicating and interacting

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Formation leadership : Personne confiante de face dans une entreprise

Developing your leadership

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Formation management : Groupe de personne en réunion

Managing effectively

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Formation anglais : Devanture cafe anglais

Improving your English

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