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Where Softskills training meets virtual reality

Playful, short and effective,
training becomes a pleasure

5Discovery is the first inclusive platform of VR softskills training

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Virtual reality: how does it work?

Over 70% of information in traditional training is forgotten in under 3 months, 5Discovery proposes an innovative programme of training courses around the development of “soft skills” and “hard skills” in a virtual reality environment.

Learners are immersed in scenes of professional life involving hyper-realistic, avatar-type characters. A scenario leads learners through various levels of interactive learning in virtual reality that enable them to experience real emotions.

These emotions act as an anchor to help them memorize knowledge and enable them to retain information more easily.

In this way, learning becomes playful, pragmatic and functional.
Training becomes 100% effective.

Our experience-based and people-focused solutions in virtual reality


Use your Oculus VR headset and the heightened experience it provides to develop your skills.

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VR Rooms

Improve your softskills in our impactful immersive workshops with proven methodologies

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VR Mobile Micro Learning

Access short, fun, immersive training modules using just your mobile and a Google Cardboard.

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PC 360 Immersive Modules

Follow the PC360 training modules in our catalogue on your PC

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Discover our 100% autonomous distance training solution in VR

Our training modules are available in 3 modes

Blended learning mode

Blended learning combines training given by a trainer in person with a virtual reality immersive experience. Course length: 1 or 2 days.

Self Training

We provide your organization with one or more 5Discovery training modules using virtual reality for as long as you wish.

Event-based mode

Over a period of 1 or more days, we supply the module(s) for training using virtual reality along with trainers or coaches who are experts in immersion in virtual reality. This training mode is ideal for conferences, seminars or even team building.

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Training modules to help you develop and grow in today’s world

5Discovery is the first inclusive platform of softskills trainings in VR. We offer training programmes to improve the management of the personal and professional development demanded by today’s changing world. For example, you can learn to better manage diversity, increase your awareness of disability, learn to express yourself fluently and confidently in front of an audience, learn better conflict management and practice emotional and relational intelligence.

Each simulation places you in interpersonal situations where you can learn effectively.

Training modules suited to your business

5Discovery enables you to develop key skills more rapidly. Your staff can improve their negotiation skills using your sales techniques or master management and its complex social interactions completely independently through virtual reality. We tailor our VR programmes to suit your business, function and/or products.

Our bespoke training modules effectively target your specific requirements and teach pragmatic soft skills in record time.

5Discovery also produces on-boarding modules that use virtual reality to improve the recruitment process by giving candidates the opportunity to experience the world of your company. Your employer brand is enhanced and its DNA, culture and values are better appreciated in virtual reality.

It is also an opportunity for all staff members to strengthen collective commitment through a VR on-boarding module that is a benchmark for digital innovation and nurturing people.

The advantages of virtual reality

Over 70% of information in traditional training is forgotten in under three months. The 5Discovery VR training programmes are based on innovative techniques at the cutting edge of technology with behavioural methods originating in neuroscience and personal and professional development.
These immerse learners in the environment to be assimilated. Avatars enable them to measure and compare themselves with others in a risk-free situation.

While the avatars are virtual, the emotions felt by the learners are very real. They are what anchor learners in a situation, and root the experience and the lessons they learn from it in their memory.

Customising the training material makes it possible to not only target everyone’s needs but also immerse them further, involve them in a given situation from a distance. Your bespoke training using the virtual world will enable you to provide optimised learning: pragmatic and effective, both now and in the long-term.

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5discovery participates to the World 3Zero Forum

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