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5DISCOVERY, 1st inclusive Softskills & Hardskills training platform in Virtual Reality

Welcome to the Metaverse VR Universe


Our VR training catalog

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is the 1st Inclusive Softskills training platform in Virtual Reality


Actors of


Education field


Private & public organizations


Silver Age Actors


Health sector

Catalog of virtual reality training courses for :

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Private or public companies

High schools or universities

Training organizations, or consulting firms

Our commitment to society

5Discovery is the specialist in behavioral training or "Softskills" in immersive environments. Sustainable development of people and the planet are at the heart of our DNA.
Awareness, Inclusion, Self-Development, Ecological Transition are our strategic areas of action.

Each VR simulation places the learner in interactive situations where he or she can practice and learn through real-life experience, with emotions serving as an anchor for comprehension and memorization

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Our experiential and human solutions in Virtual Reality