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You are
A school or a university

Train your students in Softskills & Hardskills with virtual reality!

Ecoles, Collèges, Lycées (K12), établissements du supérieur, nous offrons des solutions adaptées favorisant Inclusion et Réussite.


Les Softskills ou compétences humaines sont au cœur de la réussite scolaire des élèves et étudiants dès le plus jeune âge. Confiance en soi, gérer sa timidité, savoir communiquer et intégrer certains codes sociaux sont autant de compétences nécessaires dans la vie d’un élève ou un étudiant de l’école primaire, à l’enseignement supérieur en passant par le collège/lycée.

De plus, gagner en Empathie, Bienveillance et Ecoute deviennent des qualités indispensables dans une société en profond changement, notamment dans la lutte contre la discrimination et la violence sous toutes ses formes.

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Our engagements
& fields of action

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To support
Disability and singularity

  • Support people with physical, cognitive and psychological disabilities by developing their talents

  • Develop personal confidence, communication, social ties and well-being

  • Promote employability and transition to an ordinary environment

  • Avoid unconscious biases, value judgments and prejudices

  • Promote integration in the company and better living together

We have created several VR immersion modules to support change and reduce the digital divide for people with disabilities.

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To support
vulnerable people

  • Support the most vulnerable people (job seekers, young audiences, people from diverse backgrounds, etc.;)

  • Supporting employability and self-positioning

  • Strengthen your well-being

  • Respect and ethics are at the heart of our values.

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To support
the younger generations

  • Integrate personal development (empathy, benevolence, altruism, etc.) into education

  • Make lessons more engaging, dynamic through immersion and interaction

  • Develop teaching and its practices by integrating dynamic digital  with Virtual Reality

Quelques cas d'usages

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The benefits of virtual reality

The 5Discovery training modules offer real innovative digital programs around soft skills (human skills, relational skills, communication and effective interaction) in a virtual reality environment. Pupils and students are immersed in scenes  involving hyper-realistic avatar type characters.

In line with the current era, our training courses provide immersive and fun experiences that promote faster, effective and sustainable learning. By soliciting the emotional, at the heart of the information retention process, students obtain a stronger memorization of acquired knowledge, a better anchoring and consequently a better appropriation.


Since professional success is essentially based on the Emotional Quotient or EQ, 5Discovery training modules in a virtual reality environment allow students to access employment more easily and promote their career development over the long term.

We offer engaging and fun learning solutions for all types of educational needs and age groups to promote the development of Soft Skills...from communicating with others, to building personal confidence, to preparing for job interviews. from hiring to diversity and inclusion awareness.

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