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5 Discovery

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 5Discovery is committed to society 

We encourage the commitment of our employees to create a new, more united and benevolent society.

Our objective: To promote the development of human skills and encourage the integration of any person within society at the professional level.

Solidarity towards society: disadvantaged public, people with disabilities, people from diverse backgrounds, etc.

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Our engagements
& fields of action



To support
Disability and singularity

  • Support people with physical, cognitive and psychological disabilities by developing their talents

  • Develop personal confidence, communication, social ties and well-being

  • Promote employability and transition to an ordinary environment

  • Avoid unconscious biases, value judgments and prejudices

  • Promote integration in the company and better living together

We have created several VR immersion modules to support change and reduce the digital divide for people with disabilities.

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To support
vulnerable people

  • Support the most vulnerable people (job seekers, young audiences, people from diverse backgrounds, etc.;)

  • Supporting employability and self-positioning

  • Strengthen your well-being

  • Respect and ethics are at the heart of our values.



To support
the younger generations

  • Integrate personal development (empathy, benevolence, altruism, etc.) into education

  • Make lessons more engaging, dynamic through immersion and interaction

  • Develop teaching and its practices by integrating dynamic digital  with Virtual Reality

Domaines d'action

The management team members



"Our goal? To democratize VR to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere on the planet"

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Marketing Manager




Learning Manager

Et aussi Marc, Ethan, Arnaud, Chloé, Hugo...

Notre équipe de formateurs

  • How it works ?
    You choose one of our Training or Team Building sessions in our catalog. In real time, you connect to our Metasoftskills platform of shared environments in Virtual Reality. You interact with each other, share presentations, use our various Team Building tools, explore the educational tools available to you depending on the subject and the environment. Each person chooses their own personalized avatar, navigates the virtual spaces and interacts with the rest of the group. A unique and enriching experience that recreates the bond within the group. Our trainings focus on public speaking, effective communication and interaction, creativity, agility, emotional intelligence, discrimination awareness…. Our Team Building programs aim to remotely engage employees, managers and students to make them interact in different educational workshops. Each workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and is composed of several activities selected according to the theme
  • Who is it for ?
    For all participants wishing to learn differently from a distance, managers, colleagues, students, trainers….
  • How to start?
    You select your objective: Training or Coaching, Team Building, Team Meeting. You select your training or team building activity from our extensive catalog. Then you receive the login instructions for your session. You join our Trainer, Coach or Facilitator on the scheduled date/time.
  • What price?
    Want to try it for free? Test our Metasoftskills platform in demo and in real time.
  • Compatible devices?
    To use Metasoftskills on a standard PC/laptop, we recommend the following Operating system: Windows 10Processor: Intel i5Memory: 8 GB RAMStorage: 10 GB of available spaceGraphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 To use Metasoftskills on a Mac, we recommend the following Operating System: Mojave (minimum)Processor: Intel i5, at least 2.0 GHz and more than 2 cores. M1 chip supportedMemory: 8 GB RAMStorage: 10 GB of available spaceGraphics card: Must be a dedicated GPU and at least AMD Radeon Pro 560 4GB Metasoftskills supports the majority of PC-based VR devices and a selection of standalone mobile devices. Metasoftskills supports the majority of second-generation standalone VR devices. Please contact our support team if you have any questions about self-help support.

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