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Exposition d'art VR

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Train your employees in Softskills & Hardskills with virtual reality!

Human capital at the heart of growth

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The benefits of virtual reality

5Discovery, a specialist in behavioral training, personal and professional development, aims to create training modules via virtual reality. But why virtual reality?

Because virtual or augmented reality today makes it possible to live significant experiences by being completely immersed in a hyper realistic universe, a source of striking emotions. The solicitation of the senses naturally leads to paying more attention to the elements and therefore to recording them over the long term.

We create innovative learning fields that are much more effective and efficient for your employees than face-to-face training or e-learning can do. Develop your human capital , your competitiveness and your performance through lively, fun and effective virtual reality training.

Our 3 training modules


 Blended learning 

Blended Learning combines face-to-face or distance learning with an immersive virtual reality experience


 Self training

You have 5Discovery training modules in your organization. All our modules are accessible Via VR Headset or Via PC in Immersive e-Learning (360 degrees)



To maximize the impact of your seminars or team building, our consultants share with you our VR modules: Well-Being & QVT, Diversity, Communication, etc… Wahoo effect guaranteed!

Quelques Cas d'Usage




Gestion du Stress et Développement Personnel


Groupe Onepoint

Mieux Intégrer la Diversité en Recrutement


Laboratoire CERBA

Sensibiliser à la diversité avec la Réalité Virtuelle

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