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customized training


With virtual reality training, experience effective digital learning that models your business actions, your industrial processes and your service offerings.

The emotion resulting from Virtual Reality serves as an anchor for the memorization of acquired knowledge and makes learning both playful, pragmatic and operational …… face-to-face or remotely.

We start by drafting specifications in co-construction with you to understand your challenges, strategic axes, business and human issues to be managed in order to provide you with tailor-made modules of high graphic quality.


Our 7-step approach following the agile project methodology:

  1. Analysis of the problems to be solved or educational value to be created

  2. Creation of functional and technical specifications: what needs, challenges, objectives?

  3. Creation of the storyboard, definition of environments, interactions, dialogues, voices, sounds and atmosphere

  4. Integration of behavioral methodologies into social interactions (adding “human” to technical)

  5. 3D modeling, computer graphics, coding, VR switchover

  6. Delivery of the “turnkey” project, training of trainers and users

  7. Integration into the LMS or Learning ecosystem if applicable


Our tailor-made   training solutions in virtual reality adapt to the challenges of your organization.

With our expertise in the creation of tailor -made Virtual Reality modules, let's define together your training program technical skills and “  softskills  ” or human skills.

We combine our pedagogical know-how and our knowledge of human learning in the realization of your tailor-made training.

Quelques cas d'usage

Industrie nautique

Véhicule du futur

Laboratoire industriel

Gestion des risques

Example :
Onboarding management

Aide à la personne

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