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Immersive PC 360

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From your PC or Tablet, follow our E-Learning training courses for our entire catalog in 360 degree visualization.

Remotely: at home or in your office, you access the 5Discovery modules at a high experiential level.

In complete autonomy, you will be immersed in a 360° environment with possibilities for moving and interacting with the elements of the immersive space (Collaboration room,  auditorium room, relaxation, etc…) and live concrete situations of professional life… all via your PC using the mouse and the keyboard or  via your touchscreen tablet.

Each simulation places you in trading situations where you can practice effectively.

It is possible to reproduce real situations on your production lines, in your offices, your daily professional interactions, to personalize everything according to your DNA. The advantages of 360° training are numerous.

In catalog or tailor-made training, participants will be put in immersive situations to learn concretely and apply their Hardskills and Softskills knowledge:

Decision-making, commitment, self-control, active listening, empathy, emotional and relational intelligence, etc. are at the heart of tomorrow's society!

Efficiency is on point. 5Discovery's 360 training courses via PC are fun and effective and generate strong learner engagement and motivation; keys to effective teaching!

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