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Softskills Training in Virtual Reality

Discover the power of our Virtual Reality training program. Learn by doing and master Softskills in record time! Say goodbye to traditional training methods and hello to a dynamic, immersive learning experience that will empower your team to succeed

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Softskills Training in VR

Our program not only equips your employees with the technical skills necessary to excel in your field, but also hones their Softskills, such as communication, collaboration, and leadership. With our tailored approach, you'll be primed for success in today's dynamic corporate landscape

Examples of Softskills Training in VR

Public Speaking

Conflict Management

Prevent Discrimination

Team Building in Metaverse

Why choose Virtual Reality training?


Practising professional gestures through practice Training in Softskills


Immersive and safe training

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Stimulating, efficient and Operational

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Our 7-step approach following the agile project methodology :

  1. Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the problems to be solved and their pedagogical impact.

  2. We create detailed functional and technical specifications that outline the needs, issues, and objectives of your project.

  3. Our team develops the storyboard, defining environments, interactions, dialogues, voices, sounds, and atmosphere to create a truly immersive experience.

  4. We integrate behavioural methodologies into social interactions, adding a human touch to the technical side of your project

  5.  Our team uses cutting-edge techniques such as 3D modelling, computer graphics, and coding to bring your project to life, seamlessly transitioning it into Virtual Reality.

  6. We provide turnkey delivery of the project, along with comprehensive training for both trainers and users to ensure a successful launch.

  7. If necessary, we integrate your project into your existing LMS or Learning ecosystem, creating a seamless, integrated experience for your team.

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