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The power of the post-it

For many people, the Post-it compensates for memory lapses, when it is not simply used to decorate their desk. But this little piece of sticky paper would also have powerful psychological powers, as shown by a series of experiments carried out by Randy Garner, a professor at Sam Houston University in Huntsville (Texas) and reported in the Harvard Business Review magazine. The Post-it brings together several powerful behavioral mechanisms, supports Kevin Hogan and featured in the 28' program on ARTE "Say it with Post-its" on July 23, 2021, presented by François Saltiel. 📌 It contrasts with the decor: the Post-it occupies the space and gives an impression of disorder. The brain wants to get rid of it. 📌 It attracts attention. 📌 It is personalized. 📌 It implies an exceptional favor or request, which gives a feeling of importance to its recipient. This technique, called Technical Post-it Challenge, we have put it in the spotlight in the immersive Virtual Reality environment as part of the Team Building VR workshops offered by 5discovery Virtual Learning, to Gain Agility, Stimulate Creativity and Sharpen Collective reflection in an educational VR Rooms environment – The VR Rooms are collaborative immersive spaces accessible via VR headset, PC or Mac to train, brainstorm, organize engaging and fun team building sessions…in real time) 👉 How does it go concretely? You take the skin of an avatar, which you choose of course, and simply enter our VR Rooms in Virtual Reality. The facilitator awaits you with the other participants and offers you various immersive activities to develop your skills, knowledge or brainstorm collectively. The objective through Team building activities is to pool everyone's ideas, experience and good practices with a view to solving a problem, sharing know-how, or quite simply, choosing a theme to explore together, all in a fun and super engaging way! Our pedagogy focused on the development of softkills applied to immersive environments offers an extraordinary range of possibilities. A simple colorful butterfly from a Post it can change the world. Try Virtual Reality from home, you'll see! Want to know more ? Make an appointment to discuss it 👇 MAKE AN APPOINTMENT

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