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Bridging the Skills Gap with VR and the Metaverse: The Importance of Combining Hard and Soft Skills

VR and the metaverse are a part of our future. This becomes even more undisputable in light of the skills gaps that are hounding many sectors across the world. By using immersive technologies in education and training, we're able to create a more well-rounded approach which sees higher engagement and knowledge retention. Meta and Esade's research will hopefully serve to deepen our understanding of just how valuable these technologies are to us.

To get the full benefits of #VRTraining, we need to be combining both hard and soft skills into our training programs. Teaching them in isolation is not enough. Both skill sets are incredibly valuable and often need to be used in tandem with one another. By training people in these areas separately, we don't give them the chance to learn how to use these skills together.

If you'd like to take a combined approach to your hard and soft skill training, it is important to design the right VR scenario with experts in both approach to embark the right methodologies

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