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How can we reduce subjectivity in workplace decision-making ?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

“Integrate scorecards and rubrics into both the hiring process and advancement procedures to ensure that employees and prospective employees are being evaluated based on core competencies and not job-unrelated measures”

To put theory into practice, it is interesting to exercise in virtual environments and face different types of situations and candidates in order to realize our perception type and work on our own value judgements

In 5discovery Virtual Learning’s Inclusion VR Program, interviewers can face various jobseekers (male/female, different origins, skin colours, disabilities etc…) and realize if unconscious bias may affect objective assessments.

Virtual Reality is a great tool to open up one’s consciousness by taking the skin of the other with the embodiment process…it is also engaging and fun to enable improving management skills and gain in collective values.

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