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Prevent Bullying with Virtual Reality

Harassment is increasingly identified in today's society, 52% of women and 27% of men reported having suffered harassment at work. It affects both the spheres of professional life, personal life and invites itself to school benches as recent news sadly shows. Etymologically, Harceler comes from “herseler” in Old French, a diminutive term of “herser” meaning “to torment, to manhandle”. Then the word becomes harass, that is to say “submit without respite to small attacks” aimed at achieving the integrity of the other. Whether it relates to gender, origin, age, sexual orientation, personality or style of an individual, its ravages are multiple and fall within the scope of psychosocial risks. Prevention through training, and this as early as possible, is the best way to prevent dangerous behavior, raise awareness and free speech. Informing repeatedly, discussing, intervening quickly when a case is detected is essential in a society in very strong mutation. Reflection workshops on personal development, empathy, benevolence, a sense of listening, non-violent communication, good inter-relational practices, so many interesting initiatives that can be reinforced by the Wahoo effect of Virtual reality. By its strong immersive and emotional power, Virtual Reality makes an impression. It plunges us into a pseudo-real universe where we are not only observers and actors. In training with VR, we can take the skin of a harassed person and feel what they feel. We live what she lives... to become more aware of the pain of others and regulate her listening. In our module Raising awareness of harassment, the learner is confronted with different scenes that allow him to detect negative attitudes, better understand what is at stake and reinforce his knowledge of harassment. Module 1 5Discovery “Raising awareness of bullying with Virtual Reality”, allows you to: - Living the situation of a harassed person - Understand different forms of bullying - Implement good practices - free speech

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