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📌 #NFT training platform in the #Metaverse: Myth or Reality?

🕵🏻‍♀️ A little decryption... 🤔 The acronym NFT has been in the news lately, but we don't really know "yet" what it means and even less what it is really used for. But that hasn't stopped NFTs from becoming a huge market! 🤖 Once a matter of science fiction, the Metaverse has become a scientific fact. Its applications go far beyond gaming, today people study, collaborate and own virtual spaces in a multitude of ecosystems. 💸 An NFT is a digital representation of a product or environment. While these products may not be "real" as we traditionally consider them, they are real enough to have people spending real money on them.

✅ In virtual worlds, it is possible to generate virtually identical copies of products without apparent distinction. How to ensure exclusivity? This is where NFTs come in. 📜 The best way to think of #blockchain is to think of it as a secure record of ownership for a virtual asset. The difference between a blockchain and another record of ownership – for example your bank account – is that no one owns the blockchain. It is #decentralized and no one has the power to modify, change or destroy it If you own a #bitcoin, this unit is connected to a record in the blockchain. You cannot spend it twice because an identical record for this coin cannot be created 🔐 NFTs are similar to #cryptocurrency units in that they are generated and secured using blockchain technology. Their difference is that there is no “fungible” value assigned to an NFT per se. An NFT is a secure way to assert ownership of a virtual asset. If a virtual environment is protected by an NFT, the NFT points directly to this product and not to another copy or counterfeit. When you sell an NFT, you are selling proof of ownership of the asset

🏫 For example, as an organization you could acquire your own #training space in the Metaverse as a full ownership NFT and guaranteed by a unique contract 📈 Thus, it is possible to create your own educational space with collaborative environments where participants meet to work on #Softskills or #Hardskills with dedicated 3D tools. This space is unique and belongs to you in the blockchain 🧠 Importing interactive 3D objects is simple and allows learners to engage remotely in a fun way by drawing from a library of environments dedicated to life skills (creativity, empathy, agility) or know-how (multiple business gestures and varied) 🚀 In short, a huge, fascinating field of Metaverse remote learning possibilities to be built together!

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