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Everyone talks about Softskills, what is it concretely?

There are more and more articles and studies highlighting softskills as a key factor for personal and professional growth. But concretely what is it? Softskills or human skills are based on our ability to demonstrate emotional and relational intelligence in our lives. It is our ability to connect with what we feel, what gives us meaning, what motivates us. Understand each other, understand the world around us, the pro-social relationships that play there and of course, be able to evolve as best as possible in these relationships and what they imply. Positive psychology in the part of understanding one's talents, also invites us to better define the key softskills (linked to the 24 strengths of our personality), such as empathy, curiosity, temperance, optimism, taking step back…

Examples ? 👨🏼‍🎓 I am a student: developing my softskills potential means strengthening my personal affirmation, my self-confidence and even my self-esteem, which will serve as my foundation all my life. 🧑‍💼 I am entering working life: I am strengthening my ability to interact with others to pass my recruitment interviews, for example, or even integrate well despite the profiles of colleagues with personalities different from mine. 👨🏼‍💻 I'm building my career: I'm developing my career by strengthening my daily stress management (in my 5 areas of life, private and personal). I learn better to manage interpersonal conflict, I develop my emotional intelligence by interacting with others in difficult situations. 👨🏾‍💼 I have a position of responsibility: I strengthen my ethical leadership, my public speaking, the management of my team and the integration of all my collaborators by developing good inclusive practices. 5Discovery Virtual Learning in all this? 5Discovery is the first inclusive softskills training platform in Virtual Reality. Our DNA? the development of softskills through engaging and fun behavioral training. We integrate proven methodologies from personal and professional development into our immersive environments. All in VR training format on headsets and PC to train in a fun and effective way. How do I implement a softskills development policy in my organization? 📞 Contact us to discuss your expectations and challenges 👉

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