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How are high schools introducing Virtual Reality into training?

🧠 After careful consideration of its needs, the Gaston Berger High School in the City of Lille is adopting Virtual Reality to prepare its students.

👨🏼‍💻 BTS students, ECG preparatory classes, and Terminal students are now practicing public speaking and job interviews with 5discovery Virtual Learning modules in Virtual Reality.

🚀 Why the choice of this innovative technology?

🪄 Virtual Reality or VR makes it possible to contextualize learning with different 100% immersive environments, to prepare for complex, sometimes anxiety-provoking situations in order to gain ease and control over stage fright... In short, it's a great springboard for independent training in a safe environment.

👨‍🏫 Teachers we have trained are enthusiastic about using value-added teaching tools to mobilize and engage students in the development of Softskills.

❤️ 5discovery Virtual Learning is proud to support the transformation of education!

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