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How is ESCP Business School preparing for its future in the Metaverse?

🙌🏼 5discovery Virtual Learning had the pleasure of co-hosting the Metaverse use case workshop for ESCP Business School PARIS via its Metasoftskills platform.

👨🏼‍🎓 A moment of reflection with students, teachers, career center managers to foster immersive educational innovation.

🚀 Language learning, pitch work, real-life professional situations... so many practical and fun experiences to develop students' skills.

♥️ And not forgetting, of course, the importance of the Metaverse's ethical framework, the reflection around the avatar, which are an integral part of the challenges of Metaverse spaces!

🙏🏼 Thanks to ESCP Business School Paris for these high-quality discussions on the Metaverse and 3.0 pedagogy!

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