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CES in Las Vegas, the Metaverse is the Star of Tech!

🤖 The “Consumer Electronics Show” is currently highlighting the most fascinating technological trend of the future: the Metaverse, this virtual world in which everyone can interact and find the elements of the real world. The possibilities are limitless and companies have understood this. 🚀 5discovery Virtual Learning, member of La French Tech is heavily involved in the Metaverse! Our innovation? The immersive Metasoftskills platform which gives access to a very large library of Softskills and Hardskills training in the Metaverse environment accessible from anywhere on the planet via your PC or a Virtual Reality headset! 🥈 France remains the second most represented country this year at CES, the world's largest tech fair, behind the United States. The "start-up nation" broke records this year.

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