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The 1st Pedagogical Community in the Metaverse VR world

About MetaSoftskills Academy

The MetaSoftskills Academy is a community of Companies, Schools, Universities and Educational institutions from all over the world that use VR as a innovative pedagogical tool to train their students and employees and improve their softskills.

The program is an opportunity to engage employees, students and school leaders around the world, sharing a common vision for transforming training.

In the MetaSoftskills platform, you use existing training and create new learner-centered, immersive and inclusive 3D training learning experiences, accessible by anyone with a PC or a Virtual Reality headset.

You will be able to use several training courses around the development of Softskills such as Communication, Public Speaking, Leadership, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Diversity Awareness… and several personal development workshops stimulating Creativity, Agility or Empathy… key skills in 2022.

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Why joining MetaSoftskills Academy?

Become a member of the academy to join an exclusive community of innovative schools and companies that :

  • Have a strong focus on the development of human skills or softskills, a key factor for success in personal and professional life

  • Are committed to pedagogical innovation with immersive technologies

  • Have guidance in digital transformation and access to VR resources and tools.

  • Receive numerous benefits, including special offers from MetaSoftskills partners

  • Contribute to shaping the future of Metaverse virtual reality pedagogical products and programs

  • Help enrich the educational vision of the future and increase your school’s visibility and role as an innovative educational leader

  • Help enrich the pedagogical vision of the future and increase your company’s visibility and role as an innovative pedagogical leader.

A question ?

Our team will be happy to answer all your questions.

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