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your relational intelligence for effective communication

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Relational intelligence is the ability to adopt the best communication with an interlocutor taking into account the latter and his situation. Appropriating the fundamental tools to better understand one's own functioning, turning to others and adapting to them , allows the establishment of a constructive relationship.

5Discovery's "Communicate and Interact" training module in virtual reality will allow you to understand and analyze your interactions in different environments to help you overcome communication obstacles and meet the challenges of effective communication.

Thanks to our interactive and fun module, you will learn to:

  • Communicate better with different interlocutors with different personalities

  • Interact effectively to boost the commitment and adherence of your relationships

  • Regulate the stress of difficult communications

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  Remotely with trainer 

You mix VR training whenever you want in complete autonomy. Pedagogical contribution in the form of e-learning documents and exercises. You also have 1 hour of training with a video-training trainer or coach to answer all your questions.

  Face-to-face with trainer 

You mix face-to-face training with immersive training in virtual reality. You benefit from the know-how of our certified trainers and the synergy of the face-to-face group. Pedagogical sheet integrating proven standard or à la carte methodologies.

  Pure Licenses 

You have the right to use our modules for one year. You are 100% autonomous in the use of the modules. We support you in getting started and integrating VR into the existing LMS ecosystem. The price varies according to the volume of users.

IA & Analytics

A la fin des modules, accéder au Scoring intégrant les indicateurs du parcours

Avec notre IA, nous analysons vos données et interprétons les résultats en temps réel

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