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Better integrate
diversity in recruitment


The richness of an organization lies in the cultural plurality, male-female, intergenerational or quite simply of physical styles and varied personalities.

We all have, without even knowing it, unconscious biases coming from our personal history, education, experience, mood of the moment.

The 5Discovery Managing Diversity in Recruitment model allows you to experience recruitment in the shoes of the manager in an immersive Virtual Reality environment.

You become aware of your potential biases through your personal choices or you embody a person from diversity by taking their posture, feeling their emotion, their motivation, you become what they are... guaranteed effect!

The Recruitment & Diversity in VR module of 5 Discovery invites us to change our perspective, including the unconscious part of our perception, to recruit in a more ethical and sustainable way.

  Remotely with trainer 

You mix VR training whenever you want in complete autonomy. Pedagogical contribution in the form of e-learning documents and exercises. You also have 1 hour of training with a video-training trainer or coach to answer all your questions.

  Face-to-face with trainer 

You mix face-to-face training with immersive training in virtual reality. You benefit from the know-how of our certified trainers and the synergy of the face-to-face group. Pedagogical sheet integrating proven standard or à la carte methodologies.

  Pure Licenses 

You have the right to use our modules for one year. You are 100% autonomous in the use of the modules. We support you in getting started and integrating VR into the existing LMS ecosystem. The price varies according to the volume of users.

IA & Analytics

A la fin des modules, accéder au Scoring intégrant les indicateurs du parcours

Avec notre IA, nous analysons vos données et interprétons les résultats en temps réel

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