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Virtual learning

personal development in virtual reality

Do you want to access a powerful and lasting letting go?


Do you find it difficult to manage stress, chase away negative thoughts and relax deeply?


How it works ?

Do you already have or are going to buy a Virtual Reality headset (Oculus Go type)? You will receive 2 stress management trainings to download via the link sent immediately after payment.

You don't have a helmet yet? No problem, we provide you with one with the stress management modules incorporated.

You can start learning relaxation.

Our promotional offer

Two stress management modules in virtual reality for 120 euros instead of 240 euros, i.e. 50% savings for the first 100 orders.

The first module transports you to the heart of a forest where the voice of your coach teaches you to regulate your breathing and relax deeply. The environment and our techniques lead you to let go little by little.

In the second module, you are transported to a soft and warm beach where you practice mindfullness, cardiac coherence and many other stress management formulas!

Our proven methods: Cardiac coherence,   Mindfulness meditation, Breathing, Bodyscan… plunges you into an imaginary world conducive to strengthening your resources.


Gradually you get rid of stress and you feel good!

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