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Expand your portfolio of training courses in Softskills and Hardskills with our innovative VR modules

Digital innovation at the heart of professional training

Demand for training is changing massively. In fact, statistics show that the budget allocated to professional training is falling. Companies are focusing on efficiency and ROI. Currently, the ROI for training in person alone is still difficult to prove, since it has been shown that 70% of the information transmitted in traditional training courses is forgotten in under 3 months.

In parallel, interest is growing in the personalization of training and in digitalization, but also in a type of approach that is more playful, less formal and shorter in order not to take up too much time.

Given our expertise in training in the field of personal development, we are developing training modules using virtual reality. Contact us to broaden your repertoire of training courses with genuinely innovative digital programmes in a virtual reality environment.

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