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99.98%* of users recommend

5Discovery’s training modules using virtual reality** .

Industry client

EDF Grand Est chose the 5Discovery Personal development and stress management program for its call center.
The course was a great success! Over 150 participants enjoyed a relaxed day learning new techniques to help them “let go” and strengthen their coping resources.

5Discovery selected by France’s Mines-Telecom Institute

Professor Michel Simatic, Head of JIN (Video games, collaboration and digital interaction), one of the Institute’s core courses, comments on the results of the program.

“Over 85% of the students said they had derived great value from the VR-based course, which was a real plus in their training in public speaking” during the first workshop of the year.

The preparation logistics must be fine-tuned beforehand to ensure that the learners are properly organized.

All 71 participants from the company tested, experienced and learned using virtual reality:

  • “Living the experience allows you to be a spectator and to see the impact of bad behavior in the department.”
  • “Virtual reality is a good tool for maintenance staff because it helps to learn technical maneuvers through the repetition of movements but with less risk.”
  • “Immersion in a virtual environment with real-life problems forces us to be more collaborative than in a theoretical course.”
  • “Virtual reality scenarios adapt easily to a sector and/or job – this enables us to easily deploy this type of method in different departments of the company.”
  • “In a crisis situation, virtual reality enables us to manage conflicts without feeling under pressure – we can then stand back and see the correct attitude to take.”

Training in technical maneuvers, stress management, improved assimilation, gaining perspective … these are the situations we must face every day in our professional and personal lives. The 5Discovery method provides simple, playful and effective training via modules that use virtual reality adapted to each person’s needs.

*Source: Klaxoon internal survey after 15 days of use
**Off-the-shelf modules used for 15 days, results obtained after two weeks of tests within the company.

Virtual reality – a real plus in continuous learning

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