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Recruiting and developing key human skills

Recruter et développer les compétences humaines clés

All HR research underlines the prevalence of human skills described as “soft” over those described as “hard”, such as drawing up an accounting plan, monitoring dashboards and even maintaining the use of a product or solutions.

“We need ways to improve our visualization of human qualities”, says Michelle Weise, director of the strategy and innovation laboratory at Southern New Hampshire University, in the Harvard Business Review of 20 September 2016.

In her analysis, Michelle Weise (*) emphasizes the prevalence of communication among key human skills. In contrast, according to a survey of 25 million job offers, creativity and listening are the qualities that are least demanded by recruiters. However, they are essential when we have to resolve complex problems of all kinds or interact with staff, colleagues or clients.
(*) Michelle Weise, Ph.D. is Executive Director of Sandbox ColLABorative, the research and development lab of strategy and innovation at Southern New Hampshire University

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