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A “Metaverse” world in VR?

Mark Zuckerberg recently endorsed Facebook's VR strategy by referencing science fiction writer Neal Stephenson's Metaverse universe – Metaverse or "meta universe" is a world apart where real and virtual merge until they merge and which would embody the future of the social network, according to the CEO of Facebook To create a meta universe, it is necessary to form a super mesh between the different digital spaces in Virtual Reality where the participants embodied by their respective avatars will play, communicate, interact. You can, still via your avatar, move around in lots of different virtual spaces, visit lots of places rich in experiences, like the real or imaginary world. The idea is to feel in VR the feeling of presence that we feel in the real world to benefit from an impactful experience rich in emotions. A virtual world next to the real world? Why not if: – It is framed by strict ethical rules (not to be “snatched up” by the illusion of the virtual world, to keep your personal “anchoring” and capacity for discernment) – Focused on this super network of VR spaces at the service of everyone’s development.. and not confined to entertainment stricto senso (etymologically which distracts from…) 5discovery Virtual Learning is heavily involved in the Education development axis so that VR can bring new learning perspectives to all that overcome the barriers of geographical locations and time. Our motto? Access from anywhere on the planet to a large library of life skills and know-how to improve your skills, evolve in today's constantly changing world and gain an engaging, motivating, fun and respectful of ethical rules!

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