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Our Societal Values

“Our opinion is that everyone should have access to Personal Development. To develop one’s behavioural skills and to train with new technologies, regardless of one’s origin, gender, belonging, uniqueness, etc…”

5Discovery commits to society

  • We encourage the commitment of our employees to create a new, more supportive and caring society
  • Our objective: to promote the development of human skills and to encourage the integration of all people into society at a professional level
  • Solidarity with society: disadvantaged people, people with disabilities, people from diverse backgrounds…


Our fields of action

Supporting Disability and Singularity

  • Supporting people with physical, cognitive and mental disabilities by developing their talents
  • Developing personal confidence, communication, social ties and well-being
  • Promoting employability and transition to the mainstream
  • Dealing with unconscious bias, value judgements and prejudices
  • Promoting integration in companies and better living together

We have created 9 immersive VR modules to support change and reduce the digital divide for people with disabilities

  Supporting vulnerable people

  • Supporting the most vulnerable people (job seekers, young people, people from diverse backgrounds, etc.)
  • Supporting employability and self-positioning
  • Strengthening well-being

Respect and ethics are at the heart of our values.

Supporting the younger generation

  • Integrating personal development (empathy, benevolence, altruism…) in education
  • Make courses more engaging, dynamic through immersion and interaction
  • Evolving teaching and teaching practices through the integration of digital dynamics with Virtual Reality