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Mindfulness and Virtual Reality

Mindfulness and Virtual Reality

Are you aware of the benefits of mindfulness?

It is difficult to ignore the numerous articles on this subject; in effect, in a hyperactive society like ours, we need to breathe, to step back and take a break from the daily grind.

Mindfulness enables us to be in the here and now by focusing on the present moment – and it’s not easy if you’re not used to it!  Letting go of the thoughts that assail us on all sides can be a real challenge for the uninitiated.

Have you noticed how many thoughts you have every minute? Thoughts linked to past memories, to bad and good moments, to the current situation or thoughts anticipating the future?

Our brain is constantly burdened with  things we could really do without … if we could stop the tide of thinking. It’s not obvious how to do it on your own…

What if the solution was digital, specifically a technology that is currently taking off – virtual reality?

Virtual reality provides an individual immersive experience in a specific universe. The headset allows your attention to be wholly focused and you completely forget where you are. 

No more parasitical thoughts!  The simulation in virtual reality disconnects us from the outside world and leads us through steps that have been minutely studied to enable us to let go.

Voices, ambient sounds, a harmonious sequence of images, colors and light invite you to relax and find inner peace.

In 5discovery’s VR immersions we rely on tried and tested methods to create training courses that naturally promote effective learning  while also providing a pleasurable experience.

Virtual reality makes it easier to become mindful, aware of yourself and others, to relax and to be better at managing your stress. It diverts our attention away from our everyday worries so that we can focus on our well-being.

Using virtual reality is the instrument of choice in your quest to let go and return to yourself.

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