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Interacting effectively in your organization

Interagir efficacement dans son organisation

In “the human factor: the hard time employers have finding softskills”, the most sought-after talents are ranked according to the sector of activity involved. We see that “Building effective relationships” is ranked highly in a number of fields.
Understanding who you are dealing with, communicating using the other person’s communication channel and using the key principles of Marshall Rosenberg’s non-violent communication enhance both the company’s performance and the flourishing of its staff.

Adapting to the style of communication of each individual enables us to get the most out of our exchanges and to work better together. A manager may also enhance their powers of persuasion and influence by aligning themselves with the mode of perception preferred by the person they are talking to. The virtual reality used in our training programmes immerses learners in a variety of situations where they are confronted with several personality types in order to adapt to each communication channel.