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Why does human warmth beat force in management?

Schéma comportement humain

Warmth helps to create a strong link with individuals – this is far better than authoritarian management without empathy – as expressed by our need to belong. As human beings, we need to feel integrated, to belong – this is our gregarious instinct, as reflected in Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

The importance of the group is also essential. Much research in social psychology (group systemics) has shown that we have a very strong preference for the group to which we belong. In general, people prefer the members of their group to people who don’t belong to it. As a leader, you must ensure you belong to the key groups in your organisation. The need to be understood. Everyone wants to be heard, taken into account and understood. Paying attention to others is a constant, regular effort that you must make in order to connect with the other person. Being genuinely interested in the other person engenders a feeling of recognition in that person.

Developing empathy via our training programmes in emotional intelligence using virtual reality enables you to gain the key skills needed to ensure success in your career and the teams’ performance.