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Custom-built training using virtual reality

Formation a distance

Using virtual reality, experience an effective learning process. Acquiring interpersonal, or “Softskills”, genuine factors in the success of your organization, is done by becoming aware of various situations experienced virtually. The emotions act as an anchor for the memorization of knowledge and this makes learning at once playful, pragmatic and operational.

Our custom-built training solutions using virtual reality are adapted to your organization’s needs. Together we build your training programme to meet the specific needs of your organization for “Hardskills” or technical skills and for “Softskills” or interpersonal skills.

Our seven-stage approach uses agile project methodology:

  1. Analysis of problems to be solved or educational value to be created
  2. Creation of functional and technical specifications: requirements, issues, objectives
  3. Creation of the storyboard, definition of environments, interactions, dialogs, voices, sounds and ambiance
  4. Incorporation of behavioral methodology into social interaction (now “people-centered” in addition to technical)
  5. 3D modeling, computer graphics, coding, transition to VR
  6. Delivery of turnkey project, training courses, trainers and users
  7. Incorporation into the LMS or Learning ecosystem if necessary

Our bespoke virtual reality training solutions meet the challenges of your organization.

With our expertise in the creation of bespoke virtual reality modules, we will work with you to define your hard (technical) skills and soft (people-centered) skills training program.

Contact us to create your training programme using virtual reality. We combine our educational expertise and our knowledge of human learning to custom-build your training courses.

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