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Develop your conflict management abilities

70% of us face conflicts regularly. Conflict is part of our existence but, lacking the expertise, we have problems tackling and managing it. What better way of addressing this than to immerse oneself in situations of tension we have already experienced?

With 5Discovery’s conflict management training module using virtual reality, we offer you a way of developing your skills by tackling various types of conflicts – from high to low intensity conflicts – in order to feel more comfortable and to see conflict as a source of innovation. Learn to develop a positive attitude in the face of conflict situations, to be primarily solutions-oriented and to assert yourself in spite of conflict.

During the training course, you will be immersed in interpersonal conflicts with various persons and you will experience the emotions generated by these conflicts. Using our modules and the experience you gain on the ground, you will integrate the key skills required to manage conflict well and maintain win-win relationships in the long term.

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