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Train your staff in Softskills and Hardskills using Virtual Reality

Human capital at the heart of growth

5Discovery is a company specializing in behavioral, personal and professional training – we create training modules that use virtual reality. But why use virtual reality?

Because virtual or augmented reality now enables people to have significant experiences by being fully immersed in a hyper-realistic universe and this generates striking emotions. Involving the senses naturally leads you to pay more attention to things, thereby memorizing them for the long term.

We create learning areas that are much more effective and efficient for staff who are unable to do training courses in person or via e-learning. Develop your human capital, your competitiveness and your performance via lively, playful and effective training courses that use virtual reality.

5Discovery's training modules are available in 3 modes :

Blended learning mode

Blended learning combines training given by a trainer in person with a virtual reality immersive experience. Course length: 1 or 2 days.

Self training

We provide your organization with one or more 5Discovery training modules using virtual reality for as long as you wish.

Event-based mode

Over a period of 1 or more days, we supply the module(s) for training using virtual reality along with trainers or coaches who are experts in immersion in virtual reality. This training mode is ideal for conferences, seminars or even team building. This training mode is ideal for conferences, seminars and even team building.

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